Good Friday, April 10th

Relevent Scripture: John 18:1-19:42

Today is Good Friday, the time at which Christians remember the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the ultimate act of love that restores our relationship with God. It is not the final act of the story, but it is when Jesus’ earthly ministry comes to a close, and his followers, distraught begin a period of mourning.

For Christians, the significance of Jesus Christ’s sacrifice has never been doubted, but disputes exist over how it really saves us. Did Christ ransom himself to the Devil so that we might be freed from his grasp? Was he a substitute, paying the debt of our sins to God? Or was his passion meant to be a moral guide for our own sacrificial love toward others? The second idea is the most prevalent in the Western tradition, but it need not be the only way to understand the significance of today. What does Jesus Christ’s act mean for you?

Almighty God, today we mourn your Son, Jesus Christ, but we do so with gladness. For he let himself be taken, beaten, and killed on our behalf. We lament today in the knowledge that his death has great meaning, and in the hope that this meaning is revealed afresh each day.