About Us

Christ Temple Church (CTC) is an ecumenical and intercultural Christian community. We are named after our worship space, the Christ Temple chapel, which is part of the Tao Fong Shan Christian Center (TFSCC) and is also shared by Tao Fong Shan Lutheran Church (TFSLC), a Chinese-speaking congregation.

TFSCC was founded in 1930 by Karl Ludwig Reichelt (1877-1952), a Norwegian-Lutheran missionary. Reichelt at first was sent to Hunan Province in China in 1904.  There he gradually developed an idea to share the gospel with Buddhists.  In 1922, he established Ching Fong Shan in Nanjing.  In 1930, due to the chaos of the Chinese civil war, Reichelt moved his work to Shatin, Hong Kong, and asked a Danish architect, Johannes Prip-Moller (1889-1943) to design the buildings in a unique Chinese-Buddhist architectural style. This way traveling Buddhist and Taoist monks could feel at home and the Gospel would not just be something strange and foreign. The nearby Lutheran Theological Seminary (LTS) is also kept in a Chinese style, though a more modern. The vision of TFSCC is to foster and develop contextual Christian spirituality, art, and liturgy, and encourage interfaith and intercultural exchange and dialogue.

Like the retreat center, CTC is a Christian ecumenical community open to all who wish to join! We normally meet every Sunday evening at 5:30, but we have summer recess in June, July and August. Please check our homepage for more info.