Thursday, April 1st

Today’s reflection comes to us from Luther Seminary’s series:

Related Scripture: Psalm 31:9–16

Sometimes it feels as if the weight of the world is
mine to carry. Not only do my thoughts undermine
my confidence, but my body seems to have joined
the attack also. The foes with whom we struggle
can be mental and physical, and sometimes—as
the psalmist bears witness—even neighbors and
acquaintances scorn, ignore, or turn against us.

Indeed, the psalmist has given words to my grief.
Yet the season of Lent turns our attention, like a
tennis tournament on steroids, this way and that
way, between conflict and confidence. In giving
ourselves the space and time to pause, we join
with followers of Christ who find permission to cry
out to God who hears our whole heart—desire,
doubt, despair, and trust.

Our reading ends with a statement of confidence
before another request is made. It is appropriate.
To cry out in desperation is a sign of our
conviction that the One to whom we cry hears
and cares.

God who hears the cries of the weary, thank you for
letting me honestly speak my grief. Today, to say more
might be more than I can do. So hear my cry and save
me in your steadfast love. Amen.