Wednesday, March 25th

From Luther Seminary:

Relevant Scripture: Romans 8:6–11

Our Christmas proclamation rings true even in the season of Lent: “And the Word became flesh and lived among us” (John 1:14). Christ has come in our very flesh. “Flesh” is no longer a dirty word, for our flesh has been redeemed. The Spirit has come to dwell in our flesh, rattling through our tissue, being carried through blood vessels, entering the atmosphere through our breath.

For beings unable to escape our bodies, this is good news, rooting us in Jesus. Jesus, true God incarnate, carried this flesh and Spirit to the cross. He did not escape death, but stands now on the other side of it. Death cannot hold our bodies. We are alive in Christ. And we behold him, as Mary held him, full of grace and truth.

You, O God, have given us flesh and breathed your Spirit within us. Teach us to love our bodies and, in so doing, to love you. Amen