March 15th, Third Sunday in Lent

For today, a Sunday, many congregations across the world read the same Scripture. But while you might feel a devotional is unnecessary on a regular church day, we encourage you to reflect beyond today’s sermons and prayers, and consider these texts on your own. Of particular significance is the meeting of Jesus and the Samaritan Woman at Jacob’s Well (John 4:5-42). It is an encounter with deep theological significance, and shows how God’s love transcends ethnicity and religion. More fittingly, today is Women’s Sunday, which adds a further layer of theological meaning. What might this text say about the lives of women not just in Jesus’ time, but in our time?

Rather than provide a full devotional selection, we invite you to also visit the Facebook page of a sister church in Hong Kong. Kowloon Union Church offers a weekly reflection on Lenten Encounters.