Lenten Devotionals

Throughout Lent, we will be posting daily reflections that will help guide members and guests of our community in their spiritual journey toward Easter. Selections will be drawn from different sources.

Holy Saturday, April 11th

Today is the last day of Lent, and so our collection of devotions selected from across the world comes to a close. We leave you now with a short reflection of our own to close out the season and prepare for Easter Sunday: Relevant Scripture: Lamentations 3:1-9, 19-24 Reflection: Today we sit, as the disciples … Continue reading Holy Saturday, April 11th

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Good Friday, April 10th

Relevent Scripture: John 18:1-19:42 Reflection: Today is Good Friday, the time at which Christians remember the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus Christ, the ultimate act of love that restores our relationship with God. It is not the final act of the story, but it is when Jesus’ earthly ministry comes to a close, and his … Continue reading Good Friday, April 10th

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Maundy Thursday, April 9th

Today is Maundy Thursday, the celebration of the Last Supper for Christians. This evening also marks the end of the first full day of Passover, the Jewish holiday that Jesus and his disciples were celebrating. It is important to keep in mind this historical and religious basis for our tradition, and also to remember that … Continue reading Maundy Thursday, April 9th

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Wednesday, April 8th

Today’s reflection comes from the Catholic Telegraph and stresses the need to trust God in uncertain times: Scripture Readings: IS 49:1-6; PS71:1-2, 3-4A, 5AB-6AB, 15 AND 17; JN 13:21-33, 36-38 Invitation to Prayer: Lord, help us to trust in you! Reflection:In today’s readings we hear several perplexing juxtapositions that invite us to, nevertheless, trust in the Lord … Continue reading Wednesday, April 8th

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Tuesday, April 7th

From #LiveLent, the Church of England’s devotional series based on the first chapter of Genesis: Scripture: Gen. 1:26-3126 Then God said, ‘Let us make humankind in our image, according to our likeness; and let them have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the birds of the air, and over the cattle, and over all … Continue reading Tuesday, April 7th

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Monday, April 6th

Leading us into Holy Week are our friends at Luther Seminary: Related Scripture: Exodus 12:1–4, [5–10], 11–14 John the Baptizer bore witness to Jesus withthe words, “Here is the Lamb of God, who takesaway the sin of the world!” (John 1:29). Themysterious title “Lamb of God” recalled themerciful deliverance of the exodus, in whichevery household … Continue reading Monday, April 6th

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Sunday, April 5th

As on past Sundays, we invite you to the Facebook page of our sister community, Kowloon Union Church, and their online worship. Today is Palm/Passion Sunday (for some Christian communities), and they have invited us to take part in communion at home. Even if you do not have the bread and wine on hand, you … Continue reading Sunday, April 5th

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Saturday, March 4th

Today’s reflection (and Gospel) is another timely one, written recently and commenting on the current global crises. It comes from the Catholic Telegraph, and shares with us how being confined at home can be a chance to renew our close relationships: Readings: EZ 37:21-28; JEREMIAH 31:10, 11-12ABCD, 13; JN 11:45-56 Invitation to Prayer: “And there He remained … Continue reading Saturday, March 4th

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Friday, April 3rd

Today’s selection, from Pittsburgh Theological Seminary, is timely. We are faced with a natural disaster that will probably kill millions and leave deep social, emotional and economic scars. What is the theology behind this? Why has God allowed this to happen? Related Scripture: Psalm 148, Ex.9:13-35  Reflection: Psalm 148 and Exodus 9:13-35 present contrasting views … Continue reading Friday, April 3rd

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Thursday, April 1st

Today’s reflection comes to us from Luther Seminary’s series: Related Scripture: Psalm 31:9–16 Sometimes it feels as if the weight of the world ismine to carry. Not only do my thoughts underminemy confidence, but my body seems to have joinedthe attack also. The foes with whom we strugglecan be mental and physical, and sometimes—asthe psalmist … Continue reading Thursday, April 1st

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