Monday, March 30th

From Luther Seminary’s devotional series:

Scripture: Psalm 118:1–2, 19–29

We near the end of our Lenten journey, and the readings place us in the shadow of the cross. As Jesus triumphantly enters the city he loves, we who know the story anticipate that the crowd in praise will soon be a crowd in protest. The open gate gives entrance to the enemy. Those whom God loves will again respond with rejection. Yet, the psalmist challenges us to pause and give thanks.

Linger in this day to glimpse the presence of God. When we do not worry about tomorrow, we can marvel at the wondrous things God is doing today. The rejected remnant will become the cherished legacy. God is turning the stumbling blocks in our lives into stepping stones toward our future. Whatever struggles this season of fasting has revealed, remember: God’s love is steadfast and endures.

God whose steadfast love endures, allow me to accept
the victories of today without worrying about the
battles of tomorrow. Amen.