Friday, March 19th

Today we turn again to Jesus, Keep Me Near the Cross, from Luther Seminary:

Relevant Scripture: John 9:1–41

In today’s reading, we see an ironic contrast
between this poor beggar and the educated
religious leaders. The marginalized beggar
becomes the object of God’s mercy, while the
religious elite, confident in their wisdom, cannot
seem to comprehend the ways of God.

As the story unfolds, the Pharisees question the
impudence of the once-blind beggar. Frustrated,
but not to be intimidated, he bravely points out an
obvious fact to the Pharisees: “If this man [Jesus]
were not from God, he could do nothing.”

Instead of seeing the truth, the Pharisees become
defensive; they accuse him of being born entirely
in sin and drive him out, rejecting the truth in front
of them.

During this Lenten season, may we remember
that God shows up in expected places. We cannot
presume to know God’s plan or where the Spirit
might be moving.

Gracious God, use us to further your kingdom. Give
us the ability to discern and accept your message,
especially when it comes from places we are not
expecting. Amen.